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Amar Innotech is a company with special expertise in creating and developing technology companies with a particular focus on innovative software solutions.

Amar Operation Management System

In a hectic and multi-faceted aquaculture industry planning and executing operations at sea is time-consuming. AOMS is a system that solves this by streamlining planning, execution and reporting for operations at sea. Both vessel and land work in unison in a common software that replaces current e-mail/excel based approaches.
Our system is designed to be able to integrate with existing business system to streamline workflow from production system to AOMS.

All correspondence between onshore and vessel is registered on the operation. This helps both parties in reducing downtime as well as increase productivity. There is no need to fill out manual reports since the system handles this digitally. All reports are available and are linked to a specific operation. This gives traceability into each operation. This will help highlight the performance of vessels and operations.

Hawk Robotics Camera Solutions

Amar Innotech also delivers a range of camera solutions and software for camera control through Hawk Robotics.

Camera Solutions for the fish and aquaculture industry

Our camera system is developed from the ground up for demanding hygiene critical environments. We have taken great care when designing the camera to make sure it is safe use both environmentally as well as physically to protect your assets. It is suitable for all use cases where rigorous washdown is required.


The HawkEye is a fixed mini camera for use in process and maritime environments. The sphere form of the camera and the available brackets and fixtures makes it easy to adjust the camera angle. The camera is made of food grade POM, and the brackets are made of stainless steel. The shape of the camera, the robust design and the materials used ensures that camera can withstand cleaning.

At the same time there are minimal dirt pockets that can gather water or bacteria. Hence the camera is suitable for use in the food process industry.

The front of the camera is IP 68 and by using the stainless version of the position ring it can be mounted in the wall of the cargo tanks for fish. The round shape of the camera ensures that there will be no damage to the cargo.
Download our technical specifications PDF


The HawkEye VPC is a fixed mini camera devel- oped for use in Stranda Prolog Vacuum Pump’s.

The camera is made of stainless steel and food grade POM. The camera body frontend is threaded and will be screwed into a standard threaded stainless R-201 fitting (ISO228-1G 1 – 1⁄2”) that is welded into the tank. Together with a standard stainless Bonded Seal for BSP G1-1/2 this will make an air and watertight seal between the vacuum pump and camera.
Download our technical specifications PDF


The Hawk Eye VPL (Vacuum Pump Light) is a LED light with the same body as the HawkEye VPC (Vacuum Pump Camera). This can be fitted to the vacuum pump in the same way as the camera and ensures that the light inside the vacuum pump is adequate for camera monitoring. The LED light is dimmable (0-100%) via a potentiometer on the front of the connection cabinet.
Download our technical specifications PDF


The HawkEye Connection cabinet for VPC/ VPL is to be used together with the HawkEye VPC (Vacum Pump camera) and the HawkEye VPL (Vacum Pump Light).
Download our technical specifications PDF


Hawk Robotics have developed a new camera control software to satisfy the increasing need for efficient, flexible and robust control soft- ware. Our software can serve any user inter- face, using our HawkEye line of cameras, as well as existing ip based cameras. The system is optimized for both local and remote viewing workloads, and provides a flexible user inter- face that supports many configurations.

Our focus has been usability, speed and stability. We are proud to introduce the Hawk Commander. This software delivers low latency video streams with minimal clutter
to deliver a good working environment to monitor your assets.

With our flexible API we can integrate with any subsystems and services, from process information to weather information. This gives us the flexibility to customize the view to fit our users needs.

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