Our portfolio

Amar Shipping

Amar Shipping is supplier of efficient vessels for the growing aquaculture industry world-wide. We can deliver a range of vessels for the fish and aqualculture industry such as Fishfarm support vessels, Feed carriers, Thermolicer vessels and Fishfarm AHTS.


Amar Group aims to develop service- and equipment bases for the aquaculture industry in several countries through the company Marbase Group. We use our experience from Norwegian offshore oil and gas industry, and the use of bases for their activity in the North Sea.

Amar Innotech

Amar Innotech is a company with special expertise in creating and developing technology companies with a particular focus on innovative software solutions.

Hawk Robotics

Hawk Robotics’ goal is to use state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Computer vision to provide new valuable insights in both existing and new types of inspection.


We invest in real estate projects such as the Aksdal city centre development, Baadeholmen Slipp, and small and larger companies, both as a part ownership and in collaboration with others.